White Horse in Darts

As we know darts is a very popular sports, it requires your lots of practice and patience if you want to achive successful. That means dart sports is also full of challenges, one of the most impressive feats is Achieving a white horse. For a darts player, it’s so significant in the game. However for many beginners and they don’t know what white hours is.  This article will help you to learn it.

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What is a White Horse in Darts

In shorts, when a dart game player scores three triple in cricket on different numbers in the first turn, we call it ” White Horse”

That is a very impressive feats, which considered to be one of the most difficult shots to make it in darts.

There are many famous dart players achieve white horse in thier careers. Like Phil Taylor at 2010 Premier League Darts, Michael van Gerwen at the 2016 PDC World Championship, & Adrian Lewis 2015 PDC World Championship, all of them achieve white horse in the game. It’s a remarkable achievement that is celebrated by the darts community and shows the high level of skill that these players possess.

how to achieve White Horse in Darts

How to Achieve a White Horse

To score a white horse is not easy, there is no easy feat but with hard partice and patience, then you may make it

Per the experience from darts players who already achieve white hors before, you have to keep a solid stance & a consistent throw. Including:

  • Focusing on your breathing
  • Adjusting your grip
  • Throwing with more power
  • Focus on your target
  • Visualize the shot
  • Be positive alawys

then you may can get it. Achieving a white horse takes time and practice. Be patient, stay focused, and keep practicing, and eventually, you’ll be able to achieve this impressive feat.

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