How to Achieve a 9 Dart Finish

Dart game is very easy to play for many of us. However if you want to achieve very high level of dart game, it will be very hard. One of the ultimate achievements in dart game is 9 dart finish, also called 9 darter. For many beginners of dart game, they may have no idea for it.

In this article, we will teach you:

  • What is 9 dart finish
  • How to achieve 9 dart finish
  • What player receive when achieve 9 darter

What is a 9 Dart Finish?

As we know that the fewest shots to achieve 501 points are 9 During a 501 darts game.

When a dart player score 501 points and use only 9 darts, with the last ending on a double or bullseye, we will call it 9 dart finish or 9 darter

There are some Notable 9 Dart Finishes in Professional Darts. Like 9 dart finish made by Phil Taylor in the 2010 Premier League, made by Raymond van Barneveld in the 2009 World Championshi & made by Michael van Gerwen in the 2016 Premier League.

How to Achieve a 9 Dart Finish

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There are many combinations to achieve 9 dart finish. And we list some ideal combination of shots to achieve it. Which are the most common 9 dart finish. The player throws six treble 20s in a row ( 360 points ), then the last three shots to score 141 points and total will be 501 points

Ending on a double: 

The last three shots can be arranged as:

  1. Treble 20 (60), Treble 19 (57), Double 12 (24)
  2. Treble 20 (60), Treble 15 (45), Double 18 (36)
  3. Treble 17 (51), Treble 18 (54), Double 18 (36)
  4. Treble 20 (60), treble 17 (51) and double 15 (30)
  5. Treble 19 (57), treble 18 (54) and double 15 (30)
  6. Treble 19 (57), treble 16 (48) and double 18 (36)

Ending on a Bullseye

The last three shots can be arranged as:

treble 17 (51), double 20 (40), and bullseye (50)

treble 19 (57), double 17 (34), and bullseye (50)

Through there are thousands of possible to achieve 9 dart finish, however if you are a professional dart player and you will know how hard it is.

What Player Receive When Achieve 9 Darter

When a player achieves a 9 dart finish in professional darts, he will receive applause and cheers from fans.

In some professional games, the players will be awarded a special prize, such as trophy or cash prize. For example in December of 2021, the PDC announced that their partner Selco will provide £100,000 to the first player who hit two nine dart finishes.

So you can see 9 dart finish is considered a significant achievement in the world of darts.

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