what is a bust in darts

Darts is a game that requires precision and accuracy. Players must aim for specific areas of the dart board to score points. However, sometimes players can make a mistake, which can lead to a “bust.”

In this article, we’ll explain what a bust is in darts, what will happened when you bust, the factors that lead to bust and how to avoid it. 

Whata Bust Is

In short a  bust in darts is when a player’s score goes over the designated limit, causing them to lose points instead of gaining them.

For example:

For the game of 501 darts, If a player has 32 points left and throws a dart that scores more than 32, then they bust and their turn ends.

For the game of 301 darts, if a player has a remaining score of 22 and they aim for the triple 20 (worth 60 points), they would bust as the score exceeds the required amount to reach zero

What Will Happened When You Bust In Darts

When a player busts in darts, their turn ends immediately, and their score returns to what it was before their last throw. This means that the player has to try again on their next turn, starting from the score they had before they bust.

Busting can be a disadvantage for the player as it wastes a turn and gives their opponent an opportunity to gain an advantage. If a player busts frequently, it can significantly reduce their chances of winning the game. Therefore, it’s important for players to carefully consider their remaining score and aim for the appropriate numbers on the dartboard to avoid busting.

What Factors Causes Bust

What Factors Causes Bust

There are many reasons for a bust happened in darts, we did some tidying up and summarizing for the reasons, mainly including: 

Players Miscount Their Score

Players may miscount their remaining score and unintentionally throw a dart that puts them over the required score. Just be careful and it’s very easy to overcome this problem.

PlayerS Choose a Poor Strategy

Players may choose to aim for high-scoring areas on the board even when it’s not the best move for their current score, leading them to bust.

Players Face High Pressure

When players are under pressure to win, they may make careless mistakes and throw a dart that exceeds the required score

Player's Skill is Not Enough

For the players who don’t have enough experience, they may don’t have the enough skill to aim for the appropriate numbers on the board to avoid busting

Players is Very Tried

When a player who have been playing for a long time, they maybe getting very tired, and that lead to mistakes and a greater likelihood of busting.

How to Avoid a Bust for a Player

To avoid a bust in darts, players need to carefully consider their remaining score and aim for the appropriate numbers on the dartboard. Here are some tips for avoiding a bust

Player Should Keep Tracking for Your Score

It is important to keep track of your score throughout the game. Double-check your score before throwing each dart to make sure you know exactly how much you need to score.

Player Should Plan Your Strategy Ahead

Before throwing your darts, plan your strategy and consider which numbers you need to hit to reach zero. Think about the best way to get there without going over your required score.

Remember Your Aim is The Right Number

Focus on hitting numbers that will bring you closer to zero without going over, rather than aiming for high-scoring areas on the board.

Practice, Practice & Practice

The more you play darts, the better you will become at calculating your score and avoiding a bust. Practice regularly to improve your skills and reduce the likelihood of busting.


From this article and you will learn that a bust in darts is a mistake that can significantly affect a player’s score and game performance.

And we think after reading the reasons that cause bust and the ways how to avoid bust, you can get some help. If you have other good ideas to avoid a bust in darts, pls share with us.

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