Steel Tip Dart Sharpener for Sale

Manufacturer Introduction

PenPen Sports is a professional dart products manufacturer in china since 2005. Specilized in various darts production & supply, including darts, dart board, dart flight, dart barrels & other darts accessories.


Set No.: MS02 Length 20mm
Diamater 10mm Weight 9.7G
Brand PenPen Sports Support Different combinations

Dart Point Sharpener Description

Dart sharpener is a tool that can be used to maintain and sharpen the steel tips of darts.

With the time go, the steel tips of darts will be become very dull due to repeated use, which can affect their accuracy and performance. And the dart sharpener consists of a small, cylindrical abrasive surface, normally made of stone or metal, that is used to grind and shape the tip of the dart to restore its sharpness.

By sharpening the tip of the dart, players can ensure consistent and precise throws, improving their overall gameplay experience.

How to Use Dart Sharpener

If you got a dart sharpener, it’s very easy to use. Below is a detailed steps for your reference

Step1: Checking Your Dart Tips

Dart sharpener only work for steel tip darts. Before your sharpening, check your tip point condition and try to find some signs of wear, dullness or flattening.

Step2: Holding Your Darts Firmly

Hold the dart securely but gently. You want a firm grip to control the dart, but avoid squeezing too tightly as this could damage the dart or cause injury.

Step3: Placing Your Dart Shapener Firmly

Place the dart sharpener on a stable surface, ensuring it won’t slip or move during the sharpening process

Step4: Sharpening Your Darts Now

With the dart held securely, gently insert the tip into the sharpening surface of the sharpener. Apply light pressure and move the dart in a circular or back-and-forth motion, depending on the design of the sharpener. After a few passes, rotate the dart slightly to ensure even sharpening across the entire tip. Continue the sharpening motion, periodically rotating the dart as needed

Step5: Checking The Sharpness Again

Periodically stop and check the sharpness of the dart tip. You can do this by running your finger lightly over the tip to feel for any rough or jagged edges. Be cautious not to press too hard to avoid injury.

Step6: Cleaning The Tips

Once you’re satisfied with the sharpness, gently wipe away any residue or debris from the tip of the dart using a clean cloth or towel.

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