Dart Flight Protector

PenPen Sports is a professional manufacturer for Dart Sports. Dart Flight Protector is a very important accessories for your darts. From PenPen and you can get professional & high quality dart flight protector, together with very competitive factory wholesale price.

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What is Dart Flight Protector

A dart flight protector is a small accessory that fits over the back end of a dart flight, which is the piece of material at the end of the dart that helps stabilize it during flight. Flight protectors are typically made of a durable plastic material and are designed to help protect the flight from damage caused by other darts hitting it during play.

The Benefit Of Dart Flight Protector

Why dart flight protector is existed, and that’s because it has it’s special benefits.

  • First, it is a small accessory that fits over the back end of a dart flight. It can help stabilize dart during flight. 
  • Second: Flight protectors made from durable plastic material, it can protect the flight from damage.
  • Third: It can help prolong the life of flights, and that’s one of the reason why dart players like to use it.
  • At last, from the experience of darts player, It can ensure your darts fly in straight and improve the accuracy

How to Use Dart Flight Protector

It’s very easy to use Dart Flight Protector, it’s a quick process.

  1. Choose the right one: As we know dart flight protector has different size & shape, you have to check with seller before you buy them.
  2. Slide the flight protector onto the dart: Take the flight protector and slide it over the back end of the dart until it sits securely against the base of the flight.
  3. Secure the flight: Push the flight protector down onto the flight until it is firmly in place. Make sure that the edges of the flight are tucked inside the protector and that it is snugly fitted against the dart.

That’s it. It’s a very easy & quick process, right. Below is a short video of how to use dart flight protector.

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