Bristle Dart Board

It is a high-quality dartboard made from densely packed sisal fibers, which can provides excellent durability and self-healing properties. It’s the preferred choice for professional and recreational dart players alike due to its enhanced performance, longevity, and consistent playing experience.

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PenPen Dartboard And Surround Set

Dartboard And Surround Set

Previous Next Dartboard And Surround Set Features The innovative knife net grid technology is more than 35% thinner than the traditional round net, greatly increasing

Sisal Fiber Dartboard

Previous Next Sisal Fiber Dartboard It is made of high quality sisal fibers, several layers of sisal fibers to create a thicker and more durable

Sisal Bristle Dart Boards

Previous Next Sisal Bristle Dart Boards Sisal fiber dart boards has a superior playability and durability, which are the preferred choice for professional tournaments and

Bristle Dartboard With Cabinet

Previous Next Bristle Dartboard With Cabinet The cabinet is made of MDF, together with Bristle Dartboard, which is is commonly used in professional and recreational

Bristle Dart Board Features

It Has Great Self-healing

The tightly-packed sisal fibers are resilient and offer self-healing properties, when a dart is removed from the board, the fibers expand back into their original position, helping to maintain the board's integrity and minimize wear over time

Firm & Durable Material

dartboard is made from compressed sisal fibers, which provide a firm and durable surface for darts to stick into without causing permanent damage


High-quality bristle dartboards feature thin, rounded wiring that creates minimal bounce-outs, ensuring that more darts successfully stick into the board.

It Can Be Easily Mounted

Bristle Dart Boards can be easily mounted on a wall or a dedicated dartboard stand, making them suitable for various environments, including homes, pubs, clubs, and competitive settings.

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