Custom Darts

Custom darts are more than just a piece of equipment; they are an extension of your personality and playing style. You can enhance your performance, enjoy greater comfort, and stand out with a unique design.

PenPen Sports is a china leading darts factory since 2005. Custom Darts is always one of our main services since we start our business. With over 10 years of development, there are more than 1000 customers choose our custom made darts.

Choose to build personalised darts with us, you could have a amazing factory price supported, quality assurance & fast lead time

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Create Your Personalised Darts In Different Componets

There are several different main parts for a dart, including dart tips, dart barrels, dart shafts & dart flight.
You can custom your darts based on different components. Also we support your dart board, dart cases, dart surrounding customization
( Remark: dart tips couldn’t be customized and has it’s standards, just material & color will be different )

Dart Flight Custom

Your various designs are supported, including your shape, printing, colors & material options

Dart Barrels Custom

Your dart barrerls custom supported, including your shape, colors, size & material options

How to Custom Tungsten Darts

Custom tungsten darts with high quality has a high requirements. PenPen Sports focus on it with more than 10 years production experience.

Step1: our team will confirm the design based on your artwork
Step2: It’s for tungsten billets manufacturing
Step3: It’s for CNC Programing & Machining
Step4: Final surface treatment

At penpen sports, your sample checking before mass production also supported 

The Services for Custom Made Darts

If you are looking for a darts team or company to create your personalize your darts, then you have come to the right place
At PenPen Sports, you can get the services for custom made darts. 
Such as Custom Steel or Soft Tip Darts, Dart Flight, Dart Barrel, and Dart Shaft
100% high quality trusted, short lead time, great services, and affordable prices.
Below are the custom made darts for our customers that we did before.

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